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Experts for 2018 predict the growth of Bitcoin. Quotes of the crypto currency will be increased, which will lead primarily to market factors.
For the current year Bitcoin has become stronger in many times. Analysts believe that the growth of the digital currency is due to demand factors and a decrease in confidence in assets. If it continues to be stable and strong, it can become an international currency, replace real money. It can not be faked an inflation is impossible. If futures contracts are launched, then the crypto currency will begin to strengthen stronger.
According to experts' forecasts, in 2018 Bitcoin will continue to grow. Some of them believe that the rate will reach 40 thousand dollars, others - 100 thousand dollars. Pessimistic analysts predict its collapse, a drop in the market capitalization in many times. Representatives of Saxo Bank are sure: the digital currency will depreciate in the new year. Negative factor for it is the Chinese policy: in the Middle Kingdom limits the use of the crypto currency, they plan to reduce the capital outflow by introducing new bans on such currencies. Saxo Bank believes that the Bitcoin rate will decrease before it was in January this year - up to $ 1,000.
It is impossible to make an accurate forecast for Bitcoin. Many factors can prevent its growth:
- illegality;
- speculation: speculators sell Bitcoin on various thematic exchanges, there is a surplus of offers on the market;
- Mining: the lone-earners of the crypto-currencies will not be able to engage in mining in the near future, because mining requires very expensive equipment and only cloud mining give potential for miners.
However, the growth of Bitcoin can occur on the basis of such factors:
- legalization: in the Middle Kingdom and Switzerland, even installed machines to exchange the crypto currency for paper money;
- demand, public interest.

Most likely, in 2018 Bitcoin will continue to strengthen, and even if the rate decreases, it will not last long. The most optimistic forecasts are: 27-70 thousand dollars. Experts believe that investing in Bitcoin is still worth it. It is reliable, protected from forgery, hacker attacks. The only serious risk for him is the appearance of a different, better crypto currency, like, for example, Ethereum.


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